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💻Backend Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2024

Backend Developer

Who we are

Platzi is a leading provider of online education in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. As the foremost provider of non-traditional, scalable education, we offer training in areas like AI, Cybersecurity, English, Technology, and Leadership. Platzi serves over 5 million students and thousands of corporate clients.
Platzi is the essential learning platform for both companies and employees. As an industry leader, we receive extensive press coverage and maintain a prominent presence at major industry events. Although we operate remotely, we highly value in-person interactions and consider them crucial to our success.
Please, be sure to read https://platzi.com/notrabajar to find why you should not work with us 😉 yes, read it before applying, also read https://platzi.com/cultura as a foundational document for our team.

Job functions

As a Backend Developer, you will be working with a cross-functional team focused on the developments of services and APIs, working closely with Product Managers, Engieering Managers, Product Designers, Frontend Developers and Data Scientists with a clear understanding of why you are building these services, the impact they will have and how they will be integrated with the rest of the platform, specially the frontend.
We expect you to be an outstanding team player with a growth mindset. You will be responsible not only for implementing the required services on the platform backend but also for troubleshooting bug reports and helping to establish ambitious goals to improve our codebase in general and our practices as a software development team.

Qualifications and requirements

Extensive experience with Python/Django, or strong proficiency in Golang with a solid understanding of Python and Django.
Commitment to good documentation and testing practices, aiming to build reusable code and libraries for future use.
Proficient in English at least at a B1 level, comfortable in work-related conversations.
Knowledge of DevOps practices, including continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins or GitHub Actions.
Experience in managing and optimizing multiple databases and data sources, ensuring efficient data integration and schema design that supports business processes.
Familiar with security compliance and best practices, ensuring application and data security.
At least a B1 English level, being able to comfortably have work related conversations in English.

Desirable skills

Familiarity with AI tools that enhance productivity and experienced in integrating AI technologies to streamline workflows.

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