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Product Manager



Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Tonkean is the world’s first totally customizable process experience platform. With Tonkean, you can tailor how employees experience organizational processes by creating intelligent, personalized automations that integrate with every app or system your organization uses. You can cultivate an employee experience that democratizes access to innovative technologies traditionally only available to highly trained developers. You can enable employees to focus more fully on high-value tasks, because you can enable them to automate low-value tasks. You can create inbox solutions that automatically analyze, prioritize, and route unstructured requests coming from any source, and you can track the status of action items as employees collaborate across teams to complete them. And you can design processes that employees are guaranteed to adopt and benefit from no matter their technical acumen, because Tonkean meets employees where they are—eliminating the need for change management—and is 100% no-code.
We are looking for an experienced Technical Product Manager to join our product team and be the glue between the business side and the technical side of an organization. As part of our team you should understand the company’s technology at a deep level and interact with the development team to lead the execution of a product, and also understand and engage the R&D team with “why” and “what”, while you should be able to answer the “how.”

You should work at Tonkean if:

  • You want to work with fortune 500 customers, such as Google, Netflix, Cisco and American Express.
  • You want to put an end to bad employee process experiences and deliver a new generation of no-code orchestration tools to large corporate organizationsYou enjoy solving complex operational and technical challenges with innovative solutions
  • You have a 10X mindset and you want to collaborate with like minded product managers that are pushing boundaries.
  • You want to work in an empowered environment with the freedom to experiment, fail and succeed with new ideas and encouraged to think outside the box and take calculated risks that will move the needle
  • You want to jump on the AI train and learn about leveraging and embedding AI in a mission critical product

As a Technical Product Manager, you will:

  • Be responsible for the product execution throughout the Product Life Cycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met.
  • Work closely with the designers and engineers to ensure that the product requirements are being fulfilled and the required value is achieved, by creating a true partnership between both departments.
  • Be responsible for documenting the product work both internally and externally by publishing articles and provide product training and technical expertise
  • Act as a leader within the company and engage others around the product effort.

About you:

  • Minimum of 3 years experience as a Product Manager
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Demonstrated success defining and launching excellent products
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills
  • Strong Technical background and understanding
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority
  • Examples and at least one sample of an effective document delivered in the past

Our values:

  • There Is Always A Way. At Tonkean, we believe that nothing is impossible. There is a solution to every problem - you just need to find it.
  • Think People First. We believe in investing in, empowering, and prioritizing people. We work as a team and win as a team. We listen with purpose as we speak with courage. We believe in diversity. We always ask ourselves: Is this giving value to our customers? Is this improving our team? Is this helping me be better?
  • Start With Why And Fail Fast. We believe that progress is the only way forward; that action is always better than no action; that innovation requires bravery. We believe that every worthwhile “how” starts with an important “why.” If you know the “why”, and you can learn from it, It’s never a failure. It is the operational cost of progress.
  • No BS. To matter, you must - stay focused, keep it simple and always move the needle. We don’t have time for BS. We don’t waste energy; we prioritize efficiency; we stay focused; and we always try to optimize for what’s important.
Tonkean welcomes everyone. We believe every member of our team enriches our diversity and inclusion by broadening our ways of problem-solving for future challenges. Even if you don't meet 100% of the qualifications for this job, we strongly encourage you to apply.