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DevOps Engineer



Software Engineering
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Tonkean is the world’s first totally customizable process experience platform. With Tonkean, you can create intelligent, personalized automations that integrate with every app or system your organization uses. You can cultivate an employee experience that democratizes access to innovative technologies traditionally only available to highly trained developers. You can enable employees to focus more fully on high-value tasks, because you can enable them to automate low-value tasks. You can create inbox solutions that automatically analyze, prioritize, and route unstructured requests coming from any source, and you can track the status of action items as employees collaborate across teams to complete them. And you can design processes that employees are guaranteed to adopt and benefit from no matter their technical acumen, because Tonkean meets employees where they are—eliminating the need for change management—and is 100% no-code. At Tonkean, we believe that all this—compliance, efficiency, operational excellence—requires high levels of process adoption. But to ensure high levels of process adoption, you need to create processes that provide a great employee experience: that serve employees’ needs, understand their preferences, and solve their problems. You’ll be supported by engineering-centric founders and a core engineering team who believe in investing in, empowering, and prioritizing people.We are looking for a driven, team-driven, and excellent DevOps Engineer to join our team!


  • Build and maintain production environments in a multi-cloud architecture with multiple providers.
  • Build a proactive model for quickly identifying and resolving infrastructure bugs.
  • Get a chance to work with virtually all aspects of our rapidly-developing infrastructure.
  • Drive the success of our systems’ advancements, cooperating with the development, support and QA teams.
  • Introduce cutting edge technologies to support new features in Tonkean.
  • Define and lead security principles.


  • A DevOps Engineer with 5-10 years experience who’s comfortable using Debian or ubuntu-like flavors.
  • You’re passionate about automating things to make life simpler, and have experience building solutions to solve the “last mile” challenges in infrastructure operations.
  • You’re great with Linux system internals and shell scripting (bash/sh/etc).
  • You know how to use provisioning tools like Terraform/Pulumi and have spent a lot of time managing scalable production environments.
  • You're passionate and meticulous about the security aspects of cloud environments.
  • You’re experienced with containers & virtualization concepts, Docker & Kubernetes clusters, and running production systems over the Amazon AWS/ GCP stack.Experience in CI/CD methodologies and experience with CircleCI and pipeline.


  • There Is Always A Way. At Tonkean, we believe that nothing is impossible. There is a solution to every problem - you just need to find it.
  • Think People First. We believe in investing in, empowering, and prioritizing people. We work as a team and win as a team. We listen with purpose as we speak with courage. We believe in diversity. We always ask ourselves: Is this giving value to our customers? Is this improving our team? Is this helping me be better?
  • Start With Why And Fail Fast. We believe that progress is the only way forward; that action is always better than no action; that innovation requires bravery. We believe that every worthwhile “how” starts with an important “why.” If you know the “why”, and you can learn from it, It’s never a failure. It is the operational cost of progress.
  • No BS. To matter, you must - stay focused, keep it simple and always move the needle. We don’t have time for BS. We don’t waste energy; we prioritize efficiency; we stay focused; and we always try to optimize for what’s important.


  • Experience with at least one programming language - Python, Ruby, Golang, etc.
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL technologies like MySQL, ElasticSearch, etc.
  • Experience with Kafka or other asynchronous messaging platforms
  • Experience with Pulumi
  • Experience with ArgoCD
  • Experience writing Helm charts
  • Strong networking foundations: TCP/IP, DNS, Load-balancers, network security.
Tonkean welcomes everyone. We believe every member of our team enriches our diversity and inclusion by broadening our ways of problem-solving for future challenges. Even if you don't meet 100% of the qualifications for this job, we strongly encourage you to apply.