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Product and Engineering Leader

Trade Ledger

Trade Ledger

Posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Our Mission...

Trade Ledger exists to create a world where every business gets the capital it needs to thrive. Through the use of smart technology and new digital datasets we have created a credit orchestration platform so lenders can embed, launch and scale next-gen working capital products - quickly to a much wider audience.

We specialise in making complex working capital products — Invoice Finance, Asset-Based-Lending, and Receivables Finance — simple, intuitive, and sustainable. From origination to in-life management, our ‘out-of-the-box’ designs help lenders launch new digital products in as little as 90-days.

The Role:

As the Product and Engineering Leader, you'll lead our pursuit of technical and architectural excellence with a strong focus on customer-centricity. Your role is pivotal in merging leadership prowess with deep technical insight to drive strategic decisions and innovations. You'll ensure our products not only lead in innovation but also deliver exceptional value to our customers, catering to their evolving needs across diverse industries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Focus: Actively engage with customers to understand their needs and challenges. Translate customer insights into actionable product and engineering requirements, ensuring our solutions are not only innovative but also highly relevant and adaptable across different industries.
  • Technical Leadership & Decision Making: Guide our technical direction with an emphasis on high-quality, scalable solutions that address real market needs. Lead by example in championing our API-first principle and advocating for engineering excellence in Cloud-native and SaaS best practices.
  • Product Strategy & Roadmap Development: Collaborate with executive leadership to define the technical vision and strategy, integrating customer insights to steer a market-driven product roadmap. Accountable for product and engineering delivery timelines.
  • Leadership & Culture Building: Inspire a customer-centric culture across product, engineering, and DevSecOps teams. Promote a collaborative, Agile environment where the team is encouraged to innovate and respond swiftly to market demands.

Our Core Principles:

  • Quality and Velocity: We believe that the best performing teams are those that deliver high-quality solutions quickly. Quality and speed are not mutually exclusive; instead, they go hand in hand. By focusing on excellence in our processes and products, we can solve a multitude of problems efficiently and effectively.
  • API First Approach: Prioritising API design for clarity and efficiency.
  • Collaborative Model: Promoting a culture where open communication and decision-making involve all relevant stakeholders.
  • Agility in Action: Emphasising adaptability and continuous improvement.
  • Empowered Voices: Encouraging contributions from all team members to foster innovation.
  • Customer-Centric Development: Committing to understanding and integrating customer feedback into our product development process to ensure our solutions are versatile and deliver real value across various market sectors.


  • Proven ability in bridging customer needs with technical solutions.
  • Strong leadership in fostering a customer-centric approach in product and engineering teams. Champions a culture of continuous improvement and learning.
  • Expert technical ability. Able to see the bigger picture and operate at a strategic level whilst being able to go into the weeds when necessary and act as a mentor to senior engineers.
  • Deep understanding of Agile development best practices.
  • Experience in developing SaaS products that serve multiple industries, demonstrating versatility and market fit.
  • Strategic vision in organisational design and operational efficiency, with a focus on delivering customer value rapidly. A deep appreciation of how a high performing software engineering team should operate.
  • Exceptional communication skills. Instills trust and confidence with stakeholders at all levels.

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Strategic: A decision-maker who drives action and champions a customer-focused approach in product development.
  • Market-Driven Innovator: Skilled in translating diverse customer requirements into scalable, industry-wide solutions. Fintech experience would be desirable.
  • Location: Ideally based in, or able to regularly travel to Poland, aligning closely with our team and fostering effective leadership.
  • Engineering and Product Excellence Advocate: Ensures high code quality, adherence to best practices, and a unified approach to engineering, all while maintaining a laser focus on customer value.
  • Track Record: Comes from a SaaS software engineering background and well versed in Agile methodologies.


  • A solid foundation in cloud-native software development and a deep understanding of market-driven product design.
  • Demonstrated success in guiding agile, customer-centric teams.
  • Experience in navigating customer feedback to fuel product innovation and market fit.

This role is an invitation to be at the helm of innovation, guiding our team through the challenges of developing market-leading products that deliver real value to our customers. We're looking for a leader passionate about making a significant impact, ready to understand our customers deeply and translate their needs into successful products. If you're driven by customer success and innovation, we'd be thrilled to have you lead our team.

Our Culture

Trade Ledger promotes a diverse, flexible and open team culture. We actively invest in continuous professional development because we know that our people are the creators of our success.

Our interview process and panels are designed to ensure we do not discriminate against race, age, gender, sexual identity or preference or religion.